CoronaRedemption | Hackathon Project for HackOn

Apoorv Lathey
3 min readMay 28, 2020


I along with my teammate Rachit Srivastava took part in the HackOn hackathon that was conducted online on Devfolio.

Graph for COVID Cases

During the limited time-frame, we came up with our project “CoronaRedemption”. This application included the following features:

  • Anonymous reporting of the violation of lockdown by people to the concerned authorities
  • Ability to start donation camps by individuals or institutions affected
  • View the current state of the spread of the virus via dynamically updated graphs

Video Demo of our project:

Live Demo:

Let’s dive into the details of the project.

Report Lockdown Violation

We have come up with a solution to help control the violation of lockdown ( which is the key weapon for fighting this pandemic). People can come on our portal, give some unique identification key, we verify it, and then send back a special entry token to the user.

Report Violation Dashboard

Now the user can use this entry token and upload photos of people violating the lockdown ( that they can take using their cameras from their rooftops etc.). The uploader will remain totally safe and anonymous since the image uploaded will be stored over distributed storage (IPFS) and the key to view them will only be with the government authority concerned with control.

We used the Matic blockchain network to provide us with the anonymous solution of storing report details so that people can use their Ethereum address with no Eth to report a case of violation.

The data stored at the backend will only contain the unique id in encrypted form and corresponding token send. This will help avoid spam image uploads. The token is used by the user will in no way reveal his identity if someone gets access to who uploaded an image in some way since there is no way the token will lead back to the user.

Donation Camps

Corona has caused a lot of loss of jobs, money problems for several institutions (especially those involved in the treatment of this pandemic).

Donation Dashboard

People can come here, provide details about their needs, and after giving legitimate proof of their need, they can raise a donation camp and get funded.

We are using the decentralized nature of the blockchain to transfer wealth from the rich to the needy ones without the need to rely on intermediaries and making this process a lot faster + transparent.

In this way, many people can get money for survival and institutes the option to get money faster. The government is providing money to help but this way its a direct transfer of money from the donor to the needy, resulting in faster services.

Live Updates

Lastly, users can browse the live statistics regarding COVID-19. Data can be viewed in the form of worldwide stats, country-wide stats, country-wise historic timeline to monitor growth.

Graphical representation along with tabular format, both are available on our portal.

We would like to thank the HackOn team along with their sponsors for organizing this great event.