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In this post, we’ll explore how to use truffle-token-test-utils package to visualize token transfers in Truffle and OpenZeppelin tests.

Etherscan’s Token Transfers

When we do transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, one can easily view the internal token transfers that took place by looking it up on Etherscan as shown above.
While testing contracts on local ganache or forked mainnet, it can be a black box as you only have the ability to check token balances before and after the transaction.

To make it easier to achieve a similar result as Etherscan, we’ll use my npm package: `truffle-token-test-utils`.

The following tutorial is for Truffle…

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to the permissionless, peer-to-peer, and transparent financial systems built on public blockchains like Ethereum.

2020 was THE year of DeFi. The total value locked in DeFi has gone from less than 1 Billion dollars to touching $23B+ in just a matter of a few months.

In this post, I will share with you how I used DappHero to easily integrate blockchain into my HTML5 game without worrying about Web3.js or Metamask.

Screenshot of Game

I took part in DappHero’s bounty at MetaCartel’s ‘Dragon Quest’ (you may visit Hackathons.Live to never miss out on Hackathons).

For this, I brought a twist to the classic Snake Game by rewarding the winner with Ether.

Overview of the Project

I along with my teammate Rachit Srivastava took part in the HackOn hackathon that was conducted online on Devfolio.

Graph for COVID Cases

During the limited time-frame, we came up with our project “CoronaRedemption”. This application included the following features:

  • Anonymous reporting of the violation of lockdown by people to the concerned authorities
  • Ability to start donation camps by individuals or institutions affected
  • View the current state of the spread of the virus via dynamically updated graphs

Video Demo of our project:

Live Demo:

Let’s dive into the details of the project.

Report Lockdown Violation

We have come up with a solution to help control…

Past Alexa Swags offered by Amazon

After I got my Alexa Swags (T-Shirts and Sipper), I was asked countless times by my fellow developers and friends how I got those, so here is a simple to follow step by step tutorial.

Amazon provides incentives to Alexa Skill Developers in the form of Developer Perks which vary each month from T-Shirts, Sippers, Amazon Gift Cards to a Play Station 4! You may read about their current promotion Here.

Most of you would be knowing about Amazon’s voice-assistant Alexa, but what are Alexa Skills? Well, they are the custom apps built for Alexa by developers to provide additional…

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